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Here you'll find music from the band's CDs and Michael's new dulcimer CD, videos done with friends, and other stuff we'd like you to know about.

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John Stenson’s #2 – from the Good for Nuthin String Band CD “Nuthin Better To Do” – Concord grape harvester in action at Michael’s place.

Rueben’s Train to Kane – from the Good for Nuthin String Band CD “Nuthin Better To Do” – at our friend Dennis Mead’s outdoor model railroad.

St Anne’s Reel – Michael Vickey with friend Matt Miller on fiddle. Recorded at Grayton Beach, Florida.

Dark Petronella – from the CD “Music for Mountain Dulcimer and Hammered Dulcimer” by Michael Vickey ©2017 M J Vickey

Music from our CD #2 (the red one) was used for parts of an hour-long documentary called "The Valley That Changed the World". The program has aired on various PBS TV stations throughout the US and is also available as a DVD. Our "Spring in the Valley" tune is used during the intro and closing credits, and other tunes from our CD are used throughout the program.

Program description from the WQED website:
WQED Pittsburgh’s “The Valley That Changed the World” is a documentary about the birth of the oil industry in Western Pennsylvania 150 years ago and the developments over the ensuing century and a half. The program explores historical events leading up to 1859 when Edwin Drake and the Seneca Oil Company struck oil near Titusville, Pennsylvania and how that strike changed the world. Through extraordinary photos of the time, archival material, accounts of historians, oil industry experts and oil region constituents, the story of Drake’s oil strike and the impact that the petroleum industry has made on modern life is told. This is a story of the American spirit, a story of exploration, ingenuity, perseverance in the face of odds, and of the birth of the multi-trillion dollar industry that touches us all everyday. It tells of a vital chapter in Pennsylvania’s history and in world events.